Top 10 Richest Politicians in the India

In India, many wealthier politicians exist with greater net asset. Let’s have a look at their assets value as assembly election 2019 is approaching.

Jaganmohen Reddy: He has registered victory in the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly. According to sources, Reddy is one of the richest member in parliament and he has disclosed his net asset which comprises 446 Crore rupees – 407 crore in movable assets and 39 crore in immovable assets.

Subbarami Reddy: S. Reddy belongs to Indian National Congress (INC) and is Member of Parliament in Andhra Pradesh Rajya Sabha. No wonder, he has assets worth 258 crore rupees of which 207 crore are shown as movable assets and 51 crore immovable asset.

Sonia Gandhi: Mrs. Gandhi is one of wealthiest female politicians in India. It is estimated that she owns asset value worth $2billion and this fact ensures that her asset value is more than Queen of England and Prince of Monaco.

Abhishek Shighvi: He is the Member of Parliament in Rajya Sabha and representing the state West Bengal. He has revealed his net asset value of 226 crore rupees of which 51 crore is disclosed as immovable asset and the rest movable asset to his name.

Anand Singh: BJP leader Anand Singh is enrolled in Vijayanagara Constituency of Karnataka and was appointed as tourism secretary of Karnataka.  He is among the wealthiest politician in India and has disclosed his asset of 239 crore rupees.

Anil Heeroji Lad: Anil is presently the member of Congress Party and earlier he was associated with BJP. He was arrested on the charge of mining scam, but he holds asset value net worth of 175 crore rupees.

Nama Nageswara Rao: He is another rich Indian politician and an industrialist. Rao is the Member of Andhra Pradesh Lok Sabha. He owns asset worth rupees 174 crore.

Lagadapati Rajagopal: The Lok Sabha representative Rajagopal who represented Vijayawada constituency, Andhra Pradesh. He has withdrawn from politics in 2014 when Telangana bill passed, but he holds asset value of 123 crore rupees.

Naveen Jindal: He is the richest politician of 2018 and he has always been international limelight for his political career. Industrialist Naveen Jindal was elected in Lok sabha twice representing Kurukshetra constituency of Haryana. He has disclosed net asset worth rupees 31,250 crore.

Chiranjeevi Prasad: This Telegu actor is a world famous leader and is one of the richest politicians in India. His net worth estimated 89 crore rupees.

These richest Parliamentarians have always been in news and disclosed their asset value officially before upcoming poll.


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