Top 15 Most Powerful Leaders in the World

Top 15 Most Powerful Leaders in the World

Top 15 Most Powerful Leaders in the World

A world renowned leader hold the capacity and the best of his/her position to give a jolt to the entire world by just a single decision and also give an impact to the industries and change nation.

Following are the names of the most powerful world leaders who are examined on the basis of their vast role in Business, their influence in politics. The world leaders are also subjective to their importance in their respective spheres.

15. Kim Jong un – Under the leadership of Kim Jong-un the markets and the economy of North Korea has been improving. Setting aside the dictator image of the leader, Kim has been starting to embrace free markets and has made North Korea much better.

14. Benjamin Netanyahu – Netanyahu is termed to be the dominant leaders of Israel as the nation has had past influential leaders. The Prime Minister of Israel, Netanyahu has done an excellent job of boosting Israel’s economy and has brought Israel at the front foot in terms of technology and medical advances. His fallout with the world’s superpower US doesn’t affect Netanyahu’s legacy.

13. Moon Jae-in – He is the current President of South Korea and at the time of Presidential elections, he had multiple intentions to create job stimulus. He has accomplished an attribution to the growth of economy.

12. Ali Khamenei – Khamenei is one of the top most powerful leaders in the world as the Supreme leader of Iran has the privilege of being the supreme authority of Iran since 1989.

11. King Salman bin Abdulaziz al Saud – The King of Saudi Arabia, Saud holds an incredible influence over the Middle East and his country’s massive oil reserves. King Salman has been able to ramp up the production of oil and depress the prices and maintain the global market share irrespective of the negative effect it has on the global oil company.

10. Michel Temer – Michel is the current president of Brazil and has come out of the shadows as a skilled politician. He is keen on working vastly to rebalance Brazil’s budget, changing the scope of social programmes, opening up the oil sector, making labour laws more flexible and cutting mandatory spending in health and education.

9. Shinzo Abe – With the second term as the Prime Minister of Japan, Shinzo Abe has been successfully crafting out bold plans for the future of Japan. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is striving hard to put forward his excitement and innovation of Silicon Valley to Japan which may enrich the fading prospects of the technology of Japan.

He is the first Japanese prime minister to address a joint session of US Congress which pushes forward the talks on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a trade that may other nations on the same page.

8. Emmanuel Macron – The French President Emmanuel Macron’s duration in office is seen as a big success as the foreign policy of his has got thumbs up by the French society. Macron’s attempt to bring France back to the center of the international activity has received a positive response. He is the first President in the history of France without military experience.

7. Theresa May – The biggest challenge ahead of Theresa May was to deal with slowing economy, and rising inflation. Overall she has had a tougher and bigger challenges ahead her since the referendum that shook the political world.

6. Pope Francis – A leader of Catholic faith has been quiet vocal about the progressive views related to the public issues as compared to the past popes. He has stressed on the serious global issues of climate change and endorsed a more forgiving stance on divorce and homosexuality.

5. Narendra Modi – Modi is indeed a globally recognized powerful leader as he in his term of leadership as Prime Minister of India has been introducing several initiatives to improvise the lives of 1.2 billion people of India. He has pushed India to integrate with the digital world. His firm belief in technological advancement to lift India out of Poverty has been much appreciated.

4. Angela Merkel – With 10 years and three terms in office, Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor is certainly the most distinguished powerful leader in the world. She has had an excellent control over the economy of Germany, at times of financial collapse and global recession. At her administration, Germany stands above the rest of Europe with a strong economy and low unemployment rate. She’s been a fruitful leader in stabilizing Germany amid turmoil.

3. Vladimir Putin – Vladimir is the President of Russia has been reached all-time high ratings as he has had a strong determination to resurrect Russia as a superpower. He has launched a military operation in support of Syria’s Bashar al-Assad. Unlike with most Western heads of state, Putin’s control over Russia is subject to few constitutional checks and balances.

2. Xi Jinping – Xi Jinping is the General Secretary of China’s Communist Party and has been often recognized as the most powerful Leader in the world. He being the President of China has been having a strong grip domestically. He has outstanding governance in various sectors of military to the internet and to the economy.

His leadership has put China in an elite list as the economic growth is being measured. Xi has successfully undertaken the much put up promise of extensive and anti corruption campaign within the country.

1. Donald Trump – The much hyped global leader, Donald Trump- The United States of America is top in the list of most powerful political leaders in the world. He has some achievements in his kitty as cracking down on the open border, slowing recognition of communist Cuba. He has a mandate for a health insurance for all or pay tax. Other points related shows a thumbs up in jobs and the economy, killing job-stifling regulations, boosting U.S. energy dominance, protecting U.S. homeland communities etc.


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