Top 5 Most Powerful Female Faces of Indian Politics

History has witnessed to the brilliance and influencing the potential of women in politics, time and again. From Queen Elizabeth to Marie Antoinette, females across the world have often grasped the political scepter directly in their hands whenever required.

India has also spotted such powerful female politicians from time to time. Their schemes, skills and political tricks have been appreciated by many people and criticized too by many more. However, their contribution to country’s development can’t be ignored and never be overlooked.

Sonia Gandhi:

There is no need to introduce who is Sonia Gandhi, everyone knows her thoroughly. The most inspiring female face in the Indian politics, Sonia Gandhi is all-in-all of All India Congress’s president who has been served as the longest in its century-old history. She also holds the position of chairperson of the ruling United Progressive Alliance (UPA).

Sushma Swaraj:

The BJP leader,  Sushma Swaraj is seven times Member of Parliament and elected Member of the Legislative Assembly at three times. She is now the Indian Union Minister of External Affairs. After Indira Gandhi, she is the second woman to grasp this position.

Nirmala Sitaraman:

She is the 2nd woman after Indira Gandhi and 1st non-congress party member who has been served as the Defense Minister of India. Earlier in the Narendra Modi’s government, she was elected as the Minister of Commerce and Industry.

Mamata Banerjee:

Famously known as Mamata didi, Mamata Banerjee is the first woman CM (Chief Minister) of West Bengal. She dethroned the 34-year-old government in the state and then elected as the CM of West Bengal. With coercing us to put her name in the list of top 5 most inspirational women in the Indian politics she also held the position of the first woman to be elected as the railway minister of the country. In 1997, to consolidate her position in West Bengal she launched Trinamool Congress, an anti-leftist party.

With adoring by West Bengal’s people, she is presently serving her second tenure as the Chief Minister of this state.


Mayawati, a rough and tough personality is a Dalit leader who served as the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh for four times and represents the Dalit community in India. However, in the 2014 general elections, she couldn’t get a single seat in the constituency despite achieving a 20 percent vote share. She is one of the strongest woman leaders in the Indian politics, also ideal for the Dalit community.

The presence of woman can’t be ignored at anywhere, even not in the politics. They can do anything for the sake of their beloved ones, herself and when it comes to their country they can bring the fire to enlighten the path of success and development for their country.

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