Top 5 Successful Women Political Leaders in India Who Will Inspire You

Top 5 Successful Women Political Leaders in India Who Will Inspire You

  • Indira Gandhi played a crucial part in forming India.
  • Sonia Gandhi has a record for serving more years as the President of the Congress.

India is the land of diversity. Whether it would be culture, food or politics, you can see diversity in almost every field. As we know, the Indian social attitude is very different but, women politicians have been very successful. They have managed to acquire the top position in the largely male-dominated sphere of the country such as Prime Minister, Chief Minister and even President.

So, here have a look at the top 5 women politicians of India:

  1. Indira Gandhi:

Designation: India’s first female prime minister

The name of Indira Gandhi always comes in the top while we talk about top women politician. She was the first Female Prime Minister of India and, during her time we have seen many firebrand decisions. Her political career was just mired and that’s why she was known as the Iron lady of India and her biggest spot being ‘Emergency.’ Being one of the first female politicians of the country, her part played in forming India was huge. She led India into a nuclear age in 1974, she did nationalization of banks, and green revolution and other work reflect her career.

  1. Sushma Swaraj:

External Affairs Minister

Sushma Swaraj at just 25 became the Cabinet minister in Haryana government and now she is known as the undisputed Twitter queen. The career of Sushma has reached a height as she was also the chief minister of Delhi. She has chosen as the MLA 3 times as well as six times to the Lok Sabha member.  Taking various offices in the Union Cabinet, she is now the External Affairs Minister of the country. Sushma is helping people of the country through her Twitter.

  1. Sonia Gandhi:

Indian National Congress party head

Sonia Gandhi who nurtures the Indian National Congress after Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi has turned around all noted negativities, in her favour by constant dedication. She joined politics in 1997 after the constant request of the member of Congress. Sonia, the first foreign-born Indian Female Politician is leading the party since Independence. She has the record of holding the position of president of the Congress as well as, her name was also registered in the 6th most powerful women in the world by Forbes.

  1. Jayalalitha:

AIADMK supremo and Chief Minister

Jayalalitha was elected chief minister four times after the lows of her actress career. Her dramatic political career is respected by many followers. She was the Tamil Nadu, chief minister. She has played the key role in the formation of the Tamil Nadu which is India’s economically influential states. Her work includes the donation of food canteen named as Amma Canteens, free laptops to thousands of school pupils and many more. Well, she demises on 2016.

  1. Mamata Banerjee:

Founder and chairman of All India Trinamool Congress

Mamata Banerjee is the top face in the existing Female Politician of the country. She is the Chairman and Founder of the All India Trinamool Congress. She also has served as the Minister of Railways twice.

Well, these are the ladies who have set an example that women can be the ideal in every sphere of life and country. They are never apologetic for their stand on issues and criticisms.

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