Using Literature festivals for personal agenda

Using Literature festivals for personal agenda

Many dozens of literature festivals take place in India annually; let’s look closely at how some journalists use these platforms for their personal agenda and forcing their opinion on people.

Most of these so-called secular journalists, news anchors and writers lead a very luxurious lifestyle; they have a personal vendetta and prejudiced opinions.

They have been relentlessly attacking Prime Minister Narendra Damodardas Modi ever since the outbreak of Gujarat riots in 2002. They use their speech, books and articles to defame and demonize Modi, along with their like-minded counterparts. Though they claim to be secular, liberal and balanced in their political views and opinions, but only a few people agree with it.

They are known for spreading hatred, favoring Muslim community out rightly and labeling Hindus as hatemongers who have marginalized the minorities using their force and power.

They are invited to all major literature festivals in India and they don’t miss out any opportunity they can possibly find out or create to spread their communal, biased and inimical opinion on people. They try sounding as philosophical as they possibly can but are often termed as pseudo-intellectuals and ‘presstitutes’.

Nearly all of them have a miserably low caliber but are advertently favored many Indian parties, including the Communist parties. What is surprising is that they highlight, hype and expose the crime being done against Muslims, Dalits and other minorities but they are least bothered with the Hindus and would never-ever even talk about the injustice and oppression of India’s majority class in India and other parts of the world.

There is a long list of these ill-famed ‘sickular journalists’, one of them is loved by world’s leading terrorist Hafiz Muhammad Saeed and has been championing the cause of objecting to majoritarian violence against the poor and helpless minorities in India for around 2 decades.

These journalists have been using the platform of Literature Festivals and have been forcing their biased, unprincipled and hateful views on people.

They are often trolled on internet and social media. They are rebuked, insulted and even attacked. However, all these mediapersons are multi-millionaires and live an extremely lavish lifestyle, showing their fake concern for the poor and marginalized sections of the society.

They have a huge fan base comprising mostly of people who hate the ruling BJP led coalition and other Hindutva(pertaining to Hinduism) forces. They have been hyperactive in covering Indian politics and have been there at media center stage for many decades.

In a nation, where utmost power is given to people to express themselves fearlessly, there exist people who abuse and misuse their position to spread their inimical and prejudiced ideas on masses.

It is very shameful that these pseudo-intellectuals misuse the rights given to them by the constitution and spread their venom to control and influence opinions of people.

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