Which party may win 2019 General Elections in India

Which Party May Win 2019 General Elections in India

The basis of politics in India is different for each and every state. Analyzing which party may win 2019 LokSabh elections will need some thorough inspection of the relevant situations.

The methods of true politics and true social service applied by any political party helps it for a clear majority win. In today’s time political arena in India is heated up and hyped to the maximum. The neck toneck fight between Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and Congress comes up with variance of opinions and analysis on a daily basis. Firstly let’s look at the plus and minus of respective parties. If we talk about BJP we find,

No strong Opposition: – Currently, only Congress has the caliber to challenge BJP successfully at General Elections. Unless opposition gets united, existing regime is here to stay. But also given the badly fractured Congress fighting under the leadership of Rahul Gandhi, it seems a daunting task to become single largest party.

Voted for Change: – Modi government was voted for a change and against a failed and corrupt government. Their development campaign gained majority mandate.  This kind of support generally do not convert to anti-incumbency within a term but only big scams, riots, inflation spoil the party repute.

Performance: – As per the government sources they are moving on a right path with govt. schemes like Jan DhanYojna, Make in India, Swachh Bharat, Digital India, Skill India has started showing results.

With these highlights many others like Incumbency wave, Decisive Mandate, Strong PM, Voters support also plays a crucial role.

If the winning streak of BJP continues in all states, then there will be a wave of BJP in most part of India.

Coming to the opposition, Congress on the other hand should modify the methods for a better connectivity with the people. If congress needs to fight back the party should promote its young leaders who may initiate pressurizing the government over relevant issues and uplift party’s morale. Due to congress declining status its supporting alliances aren’t in the same position as they were in UPA1 era. Getting over mismanagement within the party may help congress to give a fight to the Modi government in 2019 election.AamAadmi Party and the Third front will also pose a serious task to be handled for congress as people of the nation will want a stable and a decisive government and not the Khichdi Sarkaar which may not be able to work more efficiently and smoothly.

As it’s rightly said, “let’s not count chicken before they hatch”. 2019 General Elections won’t be easy for the common people of India as well. Although anticipation can go wrong, and Ruling government may not get a clear majority but can emerge as the biggest one until something disastrous happens under Modi led coalition.

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