Who Will be the Next CM of Mizoram 2018?

Beat the Heat

As the saffron footprint grows in the northeast, the congress government in Mizoram is exactly feeling the heat.Congress has had its dominance in the state for the last 10 Years and the state of Mizoram is set to witness Assembly Elections in 2018 at the end of the year.


However the expert suggests that Mizoram will keep benefitting from the rule of Congress party as it has been from past decade, and that Congress will emerge as the single largest party, mainly National Front (MNF). The predictions of MNF which is a constituent of BJP-led North East Democratic Alliance (NEDA) will not be a surprising one if it merges with BJP before or after.

Challenges for MNF

The presence of other two political parties in the fray like two-party alliance of Zoram Nationalist Party and the Mizoram People’s Conference under the banner of Zoram People’s Movement could cut short the number of voter base of MNF.

Chief Minister

Soon to be 80, current Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla is seemingly losing the grip in his very own state where he had a dominance of five terms in the state. The state Congress committee vice-president and home minister R Lalzirliana is being backed up for further developments as CM, but Lalzirliana is though skeptical about things but is in force of backing finance minister Lalsawta as the Chief Ministerial face.

On the other hand the current Chief Minister has issued a statement clearing that he doesn’t see BJP as a serious threat ahead of the Assembly election in Mizoram due in the last quarter of 2018.

Future Prospects

As of for now there are many new political formations which keeps taking place on a daily basis so it’s unreasonable to say about the as to who the main opponent will be as Chief Ministerial candidate. Mizos have been given an idea of sustainable economy after subsistence economy.

There is very much awareness and a sense of instability currently in Congress regarding the effort BJP is investing in the North East under North-East Democratic Alliance (NEDA). The decade old confidence of the very much rooted congress gives them enough space to vouch for its victory.

Though Mizoram is still a poor state and with an under developed infrastructure, the Chief Minister of Mizoram, Lal Thanhawla is optimistic of several things like the state is the most peaceful state with youth being brought to the main stream.

Key players like Lal Thanhawla have an important leader of opposition in Mizoram, Vanlalzawma, and he is the MNF leader. But perhaps the most important players in the upcoming election will be the new political parties and alliances, which could make all the difference in the results.

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