Who Will Win Madhya Pradesh Assembly Election 2018?

Will Congress be able to lift Angada’s (BJP) foot or Congress will replicate Victory?

Congress from within

  • The Congress is best with the endemic infighting and senior leaders permanently engaged in competing with each other instead of with the BJP.
  • This has ensured that Shivraj Singh Chouhanhas comfortably enjoyed three terms in power and the Congress’s base has eroded away, leaving each leader with a limited sphere of influence-Guna for Jyotiraditya Scindia, Chhindwara for Kamal Nathand Raghogarh for former Chief Minister Digvijaya Singh.

Steps Needed

  • The main step taken for Congress is to declare its Chief Ministerial candidate and wrest the state away from BJP.
  • The competition is so intense that the ongoing rivalry among the leaders of the congress sees a patch up between two leaders Kamal Nath who is MP for 9 years from Chhindwara that with Digvijaya Singh to keep Jyotiraditya Scindia at bay.`
  • Rahul Gandhi needs to quickly ensure that he gets the party’s act together in Madhya Pradesh, and comprehend that BJP is the competition and not each other.
  • The division of power between the two Nath and Scindia can prove relieving at least at the time of campaigning.

BJP from within

  • The Bharatiya Janata Party has decided to repose faith in its Chief Minister in the election bound state and has optimistic and confident approach for the elections to be followed `at the end of the year 2018.
  • Change is not under consideration, is the well planned strategy of the ruling party. The party will poll under the leadership of their sitting Chief Ministers.
  • The party is of the opinion to fall back on its tallest and tested leadersaain the state.

Steps needed

  • BJPs failure to snatch Kolaras and Mungoli assembly segments in the bypolls in the state has set off alarm bells in New Delhi and that this development is to be considered seriously by the party.
  • The party leadership has decided to replace state president Nand Kumar Chouhan a confidant of the CM with Jabalpur MP Rakesh Singh.
  • Party leadership should come out clean on the ongoing accusations regarding various scams in the kit of BJP. Like the Vyapam Scam, 2500-crore Simhastha Scam, illegal sand mining, dams and ponds scam, mid-day meal scam etc. are to be gotten rid of.

Chouhan should start considering Congress as a serious threat to their long term government. Where in this could work as a positive sign for the congress, of a new beginning in Madhya Pradesh after more than a decade. With ever green caste politics and so called vote bank politics, or marking up f BJP as Hindutva or Hindu party the population distribution makes it easier for the BJP to conquer ‘Heart of India’.

Easy consolidation over the Hindu majorityvotes makes BJP taste the fruits of victory. Congress has to now think out of the box to pull out decade old government in order to get hold of power in the state, on the other hand BJP with its everlasting Modi-Shah duo combined with Chouhan’s clever strategies and pro-hindutva agenda, in spite of facing few difficulties owing to scams, the BJP has an advantageous yet skeptical probability for winning Political battlefields in the ‘Heart of India’.


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