Why can't politics move beyond Gandhi-Nehru family for Congress

Why can’t politics move beyond Gandhi-Nehru family for Congress?

Priyanka Gandhi is being used by the Congress to campaign for upcoming elections. Priyanka Gandhi Vadra, seen by many in the Congress as the imprint of Indira Gandhi, is often described adoringly by them as the party’s brahmastra (ultimate weapon).

Why can’t the Congress move beyond Gandhi-Nehru family?

With this formal declaration of the most awaited entry into politics, opinion pieces appeared in dozens on various news platforms. A majority of analysts agreed that Priyanka’s entry would be a game-changer. Most failed to notice that till now, Priyanka Gandhi has not made any political intervention to hint at her supposedly mature political understanding of the problems facing the country or her party.

Another piece of news that failed to draw attention was the India Today-Karvy Insights survey, which predicted that the Congress will get only 4 seats out of the 80 in UP. The SP-BSP (and RLD) coalition will get around 58 seats and the BJP-Apna Dal combine, 18, the survey said.

The allegations of corruption against her husband Robert Vadra is posing an additional problem for Priyanka Gandhi. She may use her lung power to dub these charges as “politically motivated,” but given the middle class’ apathy towards “tainted politicians,” her task of winning of educated classes, youth and women are indeed insurmountable.

If we go by history, we can clearly see that both Priyanka Gandhi and her charisma have failed to deliver, even in the pocket boroughs of the Gandhi family.

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