Will BJP Gain Mizoram Assembly Elections 2018?

BJP creating its hype in Mizoram

Primary Aspect

  • Mizorm Assembly Elections 2018 can prove a tough job for the BJP, as the primary religion practiced by the citizens is Christianity.
  • With the stiff competition from the Congress in the state, BJP can always form an alliance and let its ally rule the state.
  • Saffronizing the state will talk irrelevant, so in that sense BJP should clearly project its developmental agenda to win the votes of Mizos.

When the party is mainly associated with Hinduism, in Christian dominated society of Mizoram, BJP will have to strive hard to collect votes until they talk development with best of their candidates.

As per the current scenario, there is predictably a tough fight between Congress and Mizo National Front for the Mizoram Assembly Elections 2018 to be held in December.

Congress Dominance

Mizoram which has the Indian National Congress Chief Minister now will be facing tough task from NEDAs Mizo National Front which may improve its tally, but still Congress can win Mizoram easily this time (predictably).

But the tendency of outshining at the end is one of the characteristic of HimantaBiwsaSarma of BJP, that he may do some magic in Mizoram as well, as always he’s been doing in North-East starting form Assam elections then merging Sikkim, Arunachal and Nagaland and Manipur into NDA.

To witness some of the alterations in Mizoram, upcoming elections 2018, one thing is to analyse that the state should reduce in the expectations for any changes as there are scarcity of political agendas there. Uniformly, the state and its people seem organized with no credit to church politics here.

As compared to Nagas, there might be a diversion in Mizoram if there are no funds from the centre.


Around 95 percent of the state’s population is classified as Scheduled Tribe, marking the state as highest in number of the Tribal people. With majority of population is Christians i.e. of 87%, around 8% of Mizos are Buddhists making them the largest minority.

Issues to be addressed by BJP

  • Like Assam Elections in 20016, Mizoram Assembly Elections 2018 will predictably witness the issue of deportation of illegal immigrants from the neighboring countries like Myanmar, Bangladesh and Nepal.
  • The main urge was to deport Chakmas from Bangladesh.
  • Infrastructure and development will be the key issues what BJP is likely to bring up.
  • Under PM Modi, centre has launched the North East Special Infrastructure Scheme (NESIS) to fill in the gaps in basic facilities.
  • Poverty and Unemployment is also the key concern on which the centre will vouch to eradicate from the state.

Electoral overview

In the last state election of Mizoram in 2013, Congress won 34 out of 40 seats in the Assembly while the MNF won only five. The key player in the Mizoram elections is only one i.e. the Chief Minister Lal Thanhawla, the Congress leader has held the minister ship for five times. Also the leader of the opposition Vanlalzawma, of MNF is termed the important players in the past and the near future elections.

A local poll in 2018 has had the Ruling Congress ending up with six seats in the 20 member council and BJP with five. The MNF, a constituent of BJP-led North East Democratic Alliance, was the largest party in the council, with eight seats.

The party machinery of BJP has joined hands with congress to run Mizoram’s Chakma tribal council. As per the math of the party, it’s an obvious situation that the BJP and the MNF would come to power. However the same theory of confidence is assumed by Congress.

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