Will BJP prove itself the election winning machine in Rajasthan Assembly Election, 2018?

An effort of BJP to perpetuate power (governance) through meticulous blueprint.

For Bharatiya Janata Party to retain Rajasthan, it is more important to see how the BJP reacts to the challenges posed. The state has been allegedly accused of dubious distinction of changing government and humiliating the existing ones to a much horrible extent by completely vanquishing the ruling party. Hence, the party’s most important task will be to change the leadership of the party in the state and replace Vasundhara Raje with more suitable and with an ability of decision making.

BJP President Amit Shah has given a statement that there will be no particular change in the leadership.

Features reflecting positioning of BJP

  • A strong current of PM Modi mania, helps the party to tide over the situation and get just majority.
  • Jats, Meena, and Gujjar: The three major communities stood with BJP in 2014. This time Meenas alone are so far with BJP. But enticing them may generate a possibility of repeating 2014.
  • The extent of Hindu polarization is rampantly increasing; on flimsy grounds the exchange of words and disturbances helps the ruling party even more.
  • Aversion of people towards the opposition leader Rahul Gandhi, and proximity of the alleged CM candidate Sachin Pilot to Gandhi and rift between Ashok Gehlot and Pilot may cost Congress dearly.
  • On the whole the fight will be very tough and BJP may pull the polls with slight advantages.

One of the bigger judged criteria says that BJP is winning sates back to back energizing workers and bringing congress to self-analysis about losing states. The most important of all is said to be the schemes launched by PM Modi like free LPG cylinders for women, Rebate for house construction in Rural areas, Free Electricity connection have been substantial vote catchers.

History/Pattern of Rajasthan Elections

  • Rajasthan never gave an opportunity to parties to form a stable government or in a sense give consecutive wins.
  • No consecutive win can be a tough task for parties to win but with less certainty of impossibility.

With several movements the Hindu votes have started to consolidate throughout the country who are voting for BJP, are in contradiction in opinion to Congress who has been showcasing divisive politics.

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