Will BJP Retain Madhya Pradesh in Assembly Elections 2018

BJP- An Impressive win again or Congress- A convincing Victory

There is speculating analysis that Bharatiya Janata Party will be again introducing the pattern of the last Assembly Elections in Madhya Pradesh 2013.The chances seemingly are in favour of the ruling party.The recent concluded Madhya Pradesh Bypoll results showed a victory for Congress which gave a boost to the confidence to contest in future, but there should also be a worry, as the victory assured for the congress for both the seats but with a very small margin.

Bypoll Results

The dynamics of politics in Madhya Pradesh at times gives an unpredictable verdict.

  • Ater: Victory Margin 2013: 14022, Bypolls 857. Congress wins, earlier held by Congress.
  • Kolaras: 2013 Victory Margin: 25000 bypolls: 8086. Congress wins, earlier held by Congress.
  • Bandhavgarh: Victory margin 2013: 18800 bypolls: 25500 BJP wins, earlier held by BJP.
  • Chitrakoot: Victory margin 2013: 10000 bypolls: 14000 Congress wins, earlier held by Congress.

In this election process BSP was not a part of the bypolls.

In the bypolls held in the past one year in Madhya Pradesh, Bharatiya Janata Party has not lost anything but they have gained from the previous positioning of the party which is a favorable thing as far as the ruling party is concerned.

Congress has a stronghold in Guna, which BJP was not able to penetrate in 2013 during Modi wave; there too Congress has had a tough task and has simply managed to win.

Congress Self-analysis

If Congress is performing in a similar manner in its traditional strongholds which the party had held for 14-15 years it would pose as bigger damaged situation in the future prospects.It’s time for the Congress party to contemplate why the current ruling party BJP is rising in their bastions.If Congress doesn’t work hard and find solace in marginal victories in the state, and that too in their strongholds, the loss will escort the party to lose the next election even with bad margin than they had lost in 2013.

BJP retained seat by higher margin than the 2013 election results. It shows that the seat where BJP had won in previous elections, its voter base is more solidified than the previous times.

BJP Right now

There are many pros and cons as of for now for the ruling government. This government gave a new direction to Madhya Pradesh along with scams like Vyapam, Coal etc. but earlier a ‘BIMARU’ state is now seemingly among the most developed states in India.

The way BJP is going right now I Madhya Pradesh; it will definitely get a higher marginal victory in the 2018 Assembly Elections.

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