Will Donald Trump be President Again

Will Donald Trump be President Again?

Additionally, it is said that Trump is an incumbent and therefore has an advantage going in. As long as he avoids making any drastic mistakes he may be re-elected and next time he might even win the popular vote. But, on the contrary, there are also questions or speculations suggesting that not a snowball’s chance in hell- and there are raised doubts that Trump may even survive his first term.

Several mismanagements and irrelevant choices for his administration will cost The US President his next term. Like his national Security Advisor being fired within 3 weeks after inauguration, Trump outplays Foreign policies by bullying China, playing games with One China Policy. Poor executive orders of Immigration signed by Trump created chaos in the entire Nation.Trump’s regular target to the section of Media also doesn’t adds up to his popularity. Many internal issues adds up to the pile of mismanagement of Trump’s office. But the other side of the coin says a different theory. There are many a people who believe that Trump will be re-elected in 2020. Which mainly depends on who the Democrats choose to run in 2020? This goes in comparison with the rust belt states which Clinton lost. In US the popular vote does not select the President, the Electoral College does. If the Democrats nominate someone who only appeals to their base and doesn’t manage to increase their share of the Electoral College they will lose. The sincere voters of the Democrats strongly believe that they need to start paying attention to the game rather than sticking their heads in the clouds and dreaming.

The other aspect discuss that, the Electoral System has a strong bias in favour of the sitting President. So unseating Trump will be an uphill battle, where he enjoys enormous advantages over his opponent. Trump has managed to set up very dedicated and active base of supporters, which is the base to win any election. His party also controls both houses of Congress, he has strong ties with the corporate America and also owns personal fortune out of which he can manage financing his next campaign. There are many aspects like Trade war with China, the immigration complexities and a boom in economy of America, which may decide fate of Trump as next President.

But its rightly said, never count a candidate out for the count until every last vote has been counted.

(there is every possibility, for good or bad, that president Trump could be a two term President):- optional.


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