Women Better Leader than Men

Years after so many political advancements, India has failed to see another powerful woman leader after Indira Gandhi. The debate over which gender makes a better leader will never be solved. A certain crowd claims that men make much better decisions than women. It is no so, women do have the same capability as men do.

Here are few famous women leaders you should know about :-

Margaret Thatcher – When it comes to world politics, Margaret Thatcher is no new name. She challenged many rules after becoming the first female Prime Minister of United Kingdom. She ruled the country for more than 10 years. Even after so many years of her death she is still regarded as one of the most powerful women in the world.

Indira Gandhi –Indian politics have witness some severe changes when India Gandhi ruled the nation. She was the first female Prime Minister of India. This respectable lady ruled India for almost 14 years. She is one of the greatest women leaders in history of India.

Sushma Swaraj–In India SushmaSwaraj is no new name. Currently holding the position ofthe Union Minister of External Affairs, SushmaSwaraj was also elected for seven times as the member of Indian Parliament. She is not only an influential figure in the world of politics but is is also one of the most powerful woman leaders in India.

Benazir Bhutto –Becoming the political leader when you are a female is tough that too in a Muslim Country. Benazir Bhutto portrayed her courage and capability when she became the first Prime Minister of Pakistan in 1988. She remained in the reign for a little over 5 years, introducing many new things for the betterment of the country.

Mamta Banerjee – In the world of politics where women struggle to enter in politics, Mamta Banerjee dethroned the 34 year old Government to claim the chair of first woman Chief Minister of West Bengal. With no such political background, Mamta Banerjee showed her courage when she decided to stand against the ruling party. Bengal has seen lot of developments after she came into power. Regarded as one of the courageous female leaders in India, Mamta Banerjee is still in the process of making Bengal a powerful state in the Country.

Not only politics but even if you dig into the past you will come across few of the best female leaders in history. The powers of women date way back to ancient age. From Cleopatra to Boudicca, from Joan of Arc to Elizabeth I, each lady has shown sheer wits and the capability to take the right decision at the right time. In their rule, the entire world has witnessed some of the biggest evolution till date. From improving the welfare of a country to changing the financial condition, these women have always struck the right cord.

When it comes to politics, women don’t stand a great chance in becoming a leader, as they lack the trust of the voters. Proving the worth comes next to getting selected. It is about time the male dominated society steps down from the political chair to make way for females. Taking hints from the pages of history, men should stop doubting the power and decision making ability of a women. It still remains to be seen if more women can stride ahead and make their way into the political chairs leaving behind the dictating males.



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